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Today was one of those days where everything went right. The kids woke up and weren't grumpy. We all had breakfast without the customary minor squabbles over who had one more Weeto than the other or who had a millilitre more juice.

Both got dressed well. Even James got dressed without making a big deal about his socks or playfully putting his underpants on his head. Numpty.

Today is special, we are all aware we are going to a very special occasion which is the Christening of one of our cousins. I could go on for days about how we are (not) accepted by the Church but suffice it to say I think the current negative opinion toward homosexuality is a disgrace. I'll leave it at that for now.

Anyway we drive there both incident and tantrum free. The kids are on their absolute best behaviour today and my heart absolutely swells in pride (another sin) as they meet and greet people and in doing so absolutely charm the pants off everyone.

The service starts and the vicar drones on comparing a walk up a mountain as a struggle toward salvation. Then he starts going on about how he loves children to be disciplined and warns that a lack of interest in Christianity in the Western World will be our downfall and that the apocalypse is coming rising from the Middle East. Fucking hell, I only signed up to come to a Christening, what the fuck is this guy on about? Shocked glances aside in a village in Northampton the service concludes and the kids cousin is accepted into the congregation with no ensuing puffs of flame or smoke but a vague sense of unease.

The Vicar walks up to me and says I have lovely children, they are so well behaved and he wishes more parents would bring their kids up to be respectful. I can barely contain myself. I should have shouted, "Yes and I'm a gay parent which is something you fuckers don't want", yet out of respect for my family members I said nothing but a thank you. In doing nothing I felt I demeaned myself and many other LGBT so I apologise.

Still, here I was surrounded by family members and included in their Holy ceremony totally indistinguishable from anyone else and even congratulated by clergy, yet by law I am different. What the hell is this world coming to?

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